AuroraObjects Storage Driver Documentation

PCextreme B.V. is a Dutch cloud provider. It provides a public cloud offering under the name AuroraCompute. All cloud services are under the family name Aurora.

All data is stored on servers in the European Union.



AuroraObjects talks the Amazon S3 protocol and thus supports almost all functions which the Amazon S3 storage driver supports.

It however does not support CDN support. Calling any of the CDN functions will raise a LibcloudError.

As a backend AuroraObjects uses Ceph for storage.

Instantiating a driver

When instantiating the AuroraObjects you need a access key and secret key. These can be obtained from the Control Panel of AuroraObjects.

With these credentials you can instantiate the driver:

from import Provider
from import get_driver

access_key = 'XXXXXX'
secret_key = 'YYYYYY'

cls = get_driver(Provider.AURORAOBJECTS)
driver = cls(access_key, secret_key)

Multipart uploads

AuroraObjects storage driver supports multipart uploads which means you can upload objects with a total size of up to 5 TB.

Multipart upload works similar to Amazon S3. After uploading all the parts the AuroraObjects servers combine the parts into one large object.

If you use method, Libcloud transparently handles all the splitting and uploading of the parts for you.

By default, to prevent excessive buffering and use of memory, each part is 5 MB in size. This is also the smallest size of a part you can use with the multi part upload.


Please refer to the Amazon S3 storage driver documentation for examples.

API Docs

class, secret=None, secure=True, host=None, port=None, api_version=None, region=None, **kwargs)[source]
  • key (str) – API key or username to be used (required)
  • secret (str) – Secret password to be used (required)
  • secure (bool) – Whether to use HTTPS or HTTP. Note: Some providers only support HTTPS, and it is on by default.
  • host (str) – Override hostname used for connections.
  • port (int) – Override port used for connections.
  • api_version (str) – Optional API version. Only used by drivers which support multiple API versions.
  • region (str) – Optional driver region. Only used by drivers which support multiple regions.
Return type:



alias of BaseAuroraObjectsConnection


Create a new container.

Parameters:container_name (str) – Container name.
Returns:Container instance on success.
Return type:Container

Delete a container.

Parameters:container (Container) – Container instance
Returns:True on success, False otherwise.
Return type:bool

Delete an object.

Parameters:obj (Object) – Object instance.
Returns:bool True on success.
Return type:bool
download_object(obj, destination_path, overwrite_existing=False, delete_on_failure=True)

Download an object to the specified destination path.

  • obj (Object) – Object instance.
  • destination_path (str) – Full path to a file or a directory where the incoming file will be saved.
  • overwrite_existing (bool) – True to overwrite an existing file, defaults to False.
  • delete_on_failure (bool) – True to delete a partially downloaded file if the download was not successful (hash mismatch / file size).

True if an object has been successfully downloaded, False otherwise.

Return type:


download_object_as_stream(obj, chunk_size=None)

Return a generator which yields object data.

  • obj (Object) – Object instance
  • chunk_size (int) – Optional chunk size (in bytes).

Enable container CDN.

Parameters:container (Container) – Container instance
Return type:bool

Enable object CDN.

Parameters:obj (Object) – Object instance
Return type:bool
ex_cleanup_all_multipart_uploads(container, prefix=None)

Extension method for removing all partially completed S3 multipart uploads.

  • container (Container) – The container holding the uploads
  • prefix (str) – Delete only uploads of objects with this prefix
ex_iterate_multipart_uploads(container, prefix=None, delimiter=None)

Extension method for listing all in-progress S3 multipart uploads.

Each multipart upload which has not been committed or aborted is considered in-progress.

  • container (Container) – The container holding the uploads
  • prefix (str) – Print only uploads of objects with this prefix
  • delimiter (str) – The object/key names are grouped based on being split by this delimiter

A generator of S3MultipartUpload instances.

Return type:

generator of S3MultipartUpload


Return a container instance.

Parameters:container_name (str) – Container name.
Returns:Container instance.
Return type:Container

Return a container CDN URL.

Parameters:container (Container) – Container instance
Returns:A CDN URL for this container.
Return type:str
get_object(container_name, object_name)

Return an object instance.

  • container_name (str) – Container name.
  • object_name (str) – Object name.

Object instance.

Return type:



Return an object CDN URL.

Parameters:obj (Object) – Object instance
Returns:A CDN URL for this object.
Return type:str
iterate_container_objects(container, ex_prefix=None)

Return a generator of objects for the given container.

  • container (Container) – Container instance
  • ex_prefix (str) – Only return objects starting with ex_prefix

A generator of Object instances.

Return type:

generator of Object


Return a generator of containers for the given account

Returns:A generator of Container instances.
Return type:generator of Container
list_container_objects(container, ex_prefix=None)

Return a list of objects for the given container.

  • container (Container) – Container instance.
  • ex_prefix (str) – Only return objects starting with ex_prefix

A list of Object instances.

Return type:

list of Object


Return a list of containers.

Returns:A list of Container instances.
Return type:list of Container
upload_object(file_path, container, object_name, extra=None, verify_hash=True, ex_storage_class=None)

@inherits: StorageDriver.upload_object

Parameters:ex_storage_class (str) – Storage class
upload_object_via_stream(iterator, container, object_name, extra=None, ex_storage_class=None)

@inherits: StorageDriver.upload_object_via_stream

Parameters:ex_storage_class (str) – Storage class