DNS API is available in Libcloud 0.6.0 and higher.

DNS API allows you to manage DNS as A Service and services such as Zerigo DNS, Rackspace Cloud DNS and others.


  • Zone - Represents a DNS zone or so called domain.
  • Record - Represents a DNS record. Each record belongs to a Zone and has a type and data attribute. Value of the data attribute depends on the record type. Some record types also require user to associate additional attributes with them. Those additional attributes are stored in the extra attribute (dictionary) on the record object. An example include MX and SRV record type which also contains a priority.
  • RecordType - Represents a DNS record type (A, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV, PTR, NS, etc.)
  • Zone Type - Each zone has a type attribute. This attribute represents a zone type. Type can either be master (also called primary) or slave (also called secondary).

Supported Providers

For a list of supported providers see supported providers page.

API Reference

For a full reference of all the classes and methods exposed by the DNS API, see this page.