Backup API is available in Libcloud 1.0.0-pre1 and higher.


This driver is experimental - please use to test functionality and develop new driver instances, not for production use.

Backup API allows you to manage Backup as A Service and services such as EBS Snaps, GCE volume snap and dimension data backup.


  • BackupTarget - Represents a backup target, like a Virtual Machine, a folder or a database.
  • BackupTargetRecoveryPoint - Represents a copy of the data in the target, a recovery point can be recovered to a backup target. An inplace restore is where you recover to the same target and an out-of-place restore is where you recover to another target.
  • BackupTargetJob - Represents a backup job running on backup target.

Supported Providers

For a list of supported providers see supported providers page.

API Reference

For a full reference of all the classes and methods exposed by the Backup API, see this page.