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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
# contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
# this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
# The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
# the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

__all__ = [

# API docs:

import re
from import GoogleResponse, GoogleBaseConnection
from import ResourceNotFoundError
from libcloud.dns.types import Provider, RecordType
from libcloud.dns.types import ZoneDoesNotExistError, RecordDoesNotExistError
from libcloud.dns.base import DNSDriver, Zone, Record

class GoogleDNSResponse(GoogleResponse):

class GoogleDNSConnection(GoogleBaseConnection):
    host = ""
    responseCls = GoogleDNSResponse

    def __init__(self, user_id, key, secure, auth_type=None,
                 credential_file=None, project=None, **kwargs):
        super(GoogleDNSConnection, self).\
            __init__(user_id, key, secure=secure, auth_type=auth_type,
                     credential_file=credential_file, **kwargs)
        self.request_path = '/dns/%s/projects/%s' % (API_VERSION, project)

[docs]class GoogleDNSDriver(DNSDriver): type = Provider.GOOGLE name = 'Google DNS' connectionCls = GoogleDNSConnection website = '' RECORD_TYPE_MAP = { RecordType.A: 'A', RecordType.AAAA: 'AAAA', RecordType.CNAME: 'CNAME', RecordType.MX: 'MX', RecordType.NS: 'NS', RecordType.PTR: 'PTR', RecordType.SOA: 'SOA', RecordType.SPF: 'SPF', RecordType.SRV: 'SRV', RecordType.TXT: 'TXT', RecordType.CAA: 'CAA', } def __init__(self, user_id, key, project=None, auth_type=None, scopes=None, **kwargs): self.auth_type = auth_type self.project = project self.scopes = scopes if not self.project: raise ValueError('Project name must be specified using ' '"project" keyword.') super(GoogleDNSDriver, self).__init__(user_id, key, **kwargs)
[docs] def iterate_zones(self): """ Return a generator to iterate over available zones. :rtype: ``generator`` of :class:`Zone` """ return self._get_more('zones')
[docs] def iterate_records(self, zone): """ Return a generator to iterate over records for the provided zone. :param zone: Zone to list records for. :type zone: :class:`Zone` :rtype: ``generator`` of :class:`Record` """ return self._get_more('records', zone=zone)
[docs] def get_zone(self, zone_id): """ Return a Zone instance. :param zone_id: ID of the required zone :type zone_id: ``str`` :rtype: :class:`Zone` """ request = '/managedZones/%s' % (zone_id) try: response = self.connection.request(request, method='GET').object except ResourceNotFoundError: raise ZoneDoesNotExistError(value='', driver=self.connection.driver, zone_id=zone_id) return self._to_zone(response)
[docs] def get_record(self, zone_id, record_id): """ Return a Record instance. :param zone_id: ID of the required zone :type zone_id: ``str`` :param record_id: ID of the required record :type record_id: ``str`` :rtype: :class:`Record` """ (record_type, record_name) = record_id.split(':', 1) params = { 'name': record_name, 'type': record_type, } request = '/managedZones/%s/rrsets' % (zone_id) try: response = self.connection.request(request, method='GET', params=params).object except ResourceNotFoundError: raise ZoneDoesNotExistError(value='', driver=self.connection.driver, zone_id=zone_id) if len(response['rrsets']) > 0: zone = self.get_zone(zone_id) return self._to_record(response['rrsets'][0], zone) raise RecordDoesNotExistError(value='', driver=self.connection.driver, record_id=record_id)
[docs] def create_zone(self, domain, type='master', ttl=None, extra=None): """ Create a new zone. :param domain: Zone domain name (e.g. with a \'.\' at the end. :type domain: ``str`` :param type: Zone type (master is the only one supported). :type type: ``str`` :param ttl: TTL for new records. (unused) :type ttl: ``int`` :param extra: Extra attributes (driver specific). (optional) :type extra: ``dict`` :rtype: :class:`Zone` """ name = None description = '' if extra: description = extra.get('description') name = extra.get('name') if name is None: name = self._cleanup_domain(domain) data = { 'dnsName': domain, 'name': name, 'description': description, } request = '/managedZones' response = self.connection.request(request, method='POST', data=data).object return self._to_zone(response)
[docs] def create_record(self, name, zone, type, data, extra=None): """ Create a new record. :param name: Record name fully qualified, with a \'.\' at the end. :type name: ``str`` :param zone: Zone where the requested record is created. :type zone: :class:`Zone` :param type: DNS record type (A, AAAA, ...). :type type: :class:`RecordType` :param data: Data for the record (depends on the record type). :type data: ``str`` :param extra: Extra attributes. (optional) :type extra: ``dict`` :rtype: :class:`Record` """ ttl = data.get('ttl', 0) rrdatas = data.get('rrdatas', []) data = { 'additions': [ { 'name': name, 'type': type, 'ttl': int(ttl), 'rrdatas': rrdatas, } ] } request = '/managedZones/%s/changes' % ( response = self.connection.request(request, method='POST', data=data).object return self._to_record(response['additions'][0], zone)
[docs] def delete_zone(self, zone): """ Delete a zone. Note: This will delete all the records belonging to this zone. :param zone: Zone to delete. :type zone: :class:`Zone` :rtype: ``bool`` """ request = '/managedZones/%s' % ( response = self.connection.request(request, method='DELETE') return response.success()
[docs] def delete_record(self, record): """ Delete a record. :param record: Record to delete. :type record: :class:`Record` :rtype: ``bool`` """ data = { 'deletions': [ { 'name':, 'type': record.type, 'rrdatas':['rrdatas'], 'ttl':['ttl'] } ] } request = '/managedZones/%s/changes' % ( response = self.connection.request(request, method='POST', data=data) return response.success()
[docs] def ex_bulk_record_changes(self, zone, records): """ Bulk add and delete records. :param zone: Zone where the requested record changes are done. :type zone: :class:`Zone` :param records: Dictionary of additions list or deletions list, or both of resourceRecordSets. For example: {'additions': [{'rrdatas': [''], 'kind': 'dns#resourceRecordSet', 'type': 'A', 'name': '', 'ttl': '300'}], 'deletions': [{'rrdatas': [''], 'kind': 'dns#resourceRecordSet', 'type': 'A', 'name': '', 'ttl': '300'}]} :type records: ``dict`` :return: A dictionary of Record additions and deletions. :rtype: ``dict`` of additions and deletions of :class:`Record` """ request = '/managedZones/%s/changes' % ( response = self.connection.request(request, method='POST', data=records).object response = response or {} response_data = { 'additions': self._to_records(response.get('additions', []), zone), 'deletions': self._to_records(response.get('deletions', []), zone), } return response_data
def _get_more(self, rtype, **kwargs): last_key = None exhausted = False while not exhausted: items, last_key, exhausted = self._get_data(rtype, last_key, **kwargs) for item in items: yield item def _get_data(self, rtype, last_key, **kwargs): params = {} if last_key: params['pageToken'] = last_key if rtype == 'zones': request = '/managedZones' transform_func = self._to_zones r_key = 'managedZones' elif rtype == 'records': zone = kwargs['zone'] request = '/managedZones/%s/rrsets' % ( transform_func = self._to_records r_key = 'rrsets' response = self.connection.request(request, method='GET', params=params,) if response.success(): nextpage = response.object.get('nextPageToken', None) items = transform_func(response.object.get(r_key), **kwargs) exhausted = False if nextpage is not None else True return items, nextpage, exhausted else: return [], None, True def _ex_connection_class_kwargs(self): return {'auth_type': self.auth_type, 'project': self.project, 'scopes': self.scopes} def _to_zones(self, response): zones = [] for r in response: zones.append(self._to_zone(r)) return zones def _to_zone(self, r): extra = {} if 'description' in r: extra['description'] = r.get('description') extra['creationTime'] = r.get('creationTime') extra['nameServers'] = r.get('nameServers') extra['id'] = r.get('id') return Zone(id=r['name'], domain=r['dnsName'], type='master', ttl=0, driver=self, extra=extra) def _to_records(self, response, zone): records = [] for r in response: records.append(self._to_record(r, zone)) return records def _to_record(self, r, zone): record_id = '%s:%s' % (r['type'], r['name']) return Record(id=record_id, name=r['name'], type=r['type'], data=r, zone=zone, driver=self, ttl=r.get('ttl', None), extra={}) def _cleanup_domain(self, domain): # name can only contain lower case alphanumeric characters and hyphens domain = re.sub(r'[^a-zA-Z0-9-]', '-', domain) if domain[-1] == '-': domain = domain[:-1] return domain