MinIO Storage Driver Documentation

MinIO is high performance, Kubernetes native object storage which exposes S3 compatible API.


Libcloud MinIO driver utilizes BaseS3StorageDriver class which utilizes S3 API.


1. Connect to local MinIO installation

This example show how to connect to local MinIO installation which is running using Docker containers (

from import Provider, ContainerAlreadyExistsError
from import get_driver

FILE_PATH = "/home/user/myfile.tar.gz"

cls = get_driver(Provider.MINIO)
driver = cls("api key", "api secret key", secure=False, host="", port=9000)

except ContainerAlreadyExistsError:

container = driver.get_container(container_name="my-backups-12345")

# This method blocks until all the parts have been uploaded.
with open(FILE_PATH, "rb") as iterator:
    obj = driver.upload_object_via_stream(
        iterator=iterator, container=container, object_name="backup.tar.gz"