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Base types used by other parts of libcloud

from libcloud.common.types import (

__all__ = [
    # @@TR: should the unused imports below be exported?

[docs]class Provider(Type): """ Defines for each of the supported providers Non-Dummy drivers are sorted in alphabetical order. Please preserve this ordering when adding new drivers. :cvar DUMMY: Example provider :cvar ABIQUO: Abiquo driver :cvar ALIYUN_ECS: Aliyun ECS driver. :cvar AURORACOMPUTE: Aurora Compute driver. :cvar AZURE: Azure (classic) driver. :cvar AZURE_ARM: Azure Resource Manager (modern) driver. :cvar CLOUDSIGMA: CloudSigma :cvar CLOUDSCALE: :cvar CLOUDSTACK: CloudStack :cvar DIMENSIONDATA: Dimension Data Cloud :cvar EC2: Amazon AWS. :cvar EXOSCALE: Exoscale driver. :cvar GCE: Google Compute Engine :cvar GRIDSCALE: gridscale :cvar IBM: IBM Developer Cloud :cvar IKOULA: Ikoula driver. :cvar KAMATERA: Kamatera driver :cvar KTUCLOUD: kt ucloud driver :cvar KUBEVIRT: kubevirt driver :cvar LIBVIRT: Libvirt driver :cvar LINODE: :cvar NIMBUS: Nimbus :cvar NINEFOLD: Ninefold :cvar NTTC-CIS: NTT Communications CIS :cvar OPENNEBULA: :cvar OPSOURCE: Opsource Cloud :cvar OUTSCALE_INC: Outscale INC driver. :cvar OUTSCALE_SAS: Outscale SAS driver. :cvar OUTSCALE_SDK: Outscale SDK driver. :cvar RACKSPACE: Rackspace next-gen OpenStack based Cloud Servers :cvar RACKSPACE_FIRST_GEN: Rackspace First Gen Cloud Servers :cvar RIMUHOSTING: :cvar TERREMARK: Terremark :cvar UPCLOUD: UpCloud :cvar VCL: VCL driver :cvar VCLOUD: vmware vCloud :cvar VPSNET: :cvar VSphere: VSphere driver. :cvar VULTR: vultr driver. """ AZURE = "azure" AZURE_ARM = "azure_arm" DUMMY = "dummy" ABIQUO = "abiquo" ALIYUN_ECS = "aliyun_ecs" AURORACOMPUTE = "aurora_compute" BRIGHTBOX = "brightbox" CISCOCCS = "ciscoccs" CLOUDFRAMES = "cloudframes" CLOUDSIGMA = "cloudsigma" CLOUDSCALE = "cloudscale" CLOUDSTACK = "cloudstack" DIGITAL_OCEAN = "digitalocean" DIMENSIONDATA = "dimensiondata" EC2 = "ec2" EQUINIXMETAL = "equinixmetal" EUCALYPTUS = "eucalyptus" EXOSCALE = "exoscale" GANDI = "gandi" GCE = "gce" GIG_G8 = "gig_g8" GRIDSCALE = "gridscale" IBM = "ibm" IKOULA = "ikoula" INTERNETSOLUTIONS = "internetsolutions" KAMATERA = "kamatera" KTUCLOUD = "ktucloud" KUBEVIRT = "kubevirt" LIBVIRT = "libvirt" LINODE = "linode" MAXIHOST = "maxihost" NIMBUS = "nimbus" NINEFOLD = "ninefold" NTTA = "ntta" NTTCIS = "nttcis" OPENNEBULA = "opennebula" OPENSTACK = "openstack" OPSOURCE = "opsource" OUTSCALE_INC = "outscale_inc" OUTSCALE_SAS = "outscale_sas" OUTSCALE = "outscale" OVH = "ovh" RACKSPACE = "rackspace" RACKSPACE_FIRST_GEN = "rackspace_first_gen" RIMUHOSTING = "rimuhosting" RUNABOVE = "runabove" SCALEWAY = "scaleway" TERREMARK = "terremark" UPCLOUD = "upcloud" VCL = "vcl" VCLOUD = "vcloud" VPSNET = "vpsnet" VSPHERE = "vsphere" VULTR = "vultr" # OpenStack based providers HPCLOUD = "hpcloud" ONAPP = "onapp" # Deprecated constants which aren't supported anymore RACKSPACE_UK = "rackspace_uk" RACKSPACE_NOVA_BETA = "rackspace_nova_beta" RACKSPACE_NOVA_DFW = "rackspace_nova_dfw" RACKSPACE_NOVA_LON = "rackspace_nova_lon" RACKSPACE_NOVA_ORD = "rackspace_nova_ord" EC2_US_EAST = "ec2_us_east" EC2_US_EAST_OHIO = "ec2_us_east_ohio" EC2_EU = "ec2_eu_west" # deprecated name EC2_EU_WEST = "ec2_eu_west" EC2_EU_WEST2 = "ec2_eu_west_london" EC2_US_WEST = "ec2_us_west" EC2_AP_SOUTHEAST = "ec2_ap_southeast" EC2_AP_NORTHEAST = "ec2_ap_northeast" EC2_AP_NORTHEAST1 = "ec2_ap_northeast_1" EC2_AP_NORTHEAST2 = "ec2_ap_northeast_2" EC2_US_WEST_OREGON = "ec2_us_west_oregon" EC2_SA_EAST = "ec2_sa_east" EC2_AP_SOUTHEAST2 = "ec2_ap_southeast_2" EC2_CA_CENTRAL1 = "ec2_ca_central_1" CLOUDSIGMA_US = "cloudsigma_us"
# Removed # SLICEHOST = 'slicehost' DEPRECATED_RACKSPACE_PROVIDERS = [ Provider.RACKSPACE_UK, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_BETA, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_DFW, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_LON, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_ORD, ] OLD_CONSTANT_TO_NEW_MAPPING = { # Rackspace Provider.RACKSPACE_UK: Provider.RACKSPACE_FIRST_GEN, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_BETA: Provider.RACKSPACE, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_DFW: Provider.RACKSPACE, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_LON: Provider.RACKSPACE, Provider.RACKSPACE_NOVA_ORD: Provider.RACKSPACE, # AWS Provider.EC2_US_EAST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_US_EAST_OHIO: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_EU: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_EU_WEST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_EU_WEST2: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_US_WEST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_AP_SOUTHEAST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_AP_SOUTHEAST2: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_AP_NORTHEAST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_AP_NORTHEAST1: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_AP_NORTHEAST2: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_US_WEST_OREGON: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_SA_EAST: Provider.EC2, Provider.EC2_CA_CENTRAL1: Provider.EC2, }
[docs]class NodeState(Type): """ Standard states for a node :cvar RUNNING: Node is running. :cvar STARTING: Node is starting up. :cvar REBOOTING: Node is rebooting. :cvar TERMINATED: Node is terminated. This node can't be started later on. :cvar STOPPING: Node is currently trying to stop. :cvar STOPPED: Node is stopped. This node can be started later on. :cvar PENDING: Node is pending. :cvar SUSPENDED: Node is suspended. :cvar ERROR: Node is an error state. Usually no operations can be performed on the node once it ends up in the error state. :cvar PAUSED: Node is paused. :cvar RECONFIGURING: Node is being reconfigured. :cvar UNKNOWN: Node state is unknown. """ RUNNING = "running" STARTING = "starting" REBOOTING = "rebooting" TERMINATED = "terminated" PENDING = "pending" UNKNOWN = "unknown" STOPPING = "stopping" STOPPED = "stopped" SUSPENDED = "suspended" ERROR = "error" PAUSED = "paused" RECONFIGURING = "reconfiguring" MIGRATING = "migrating" NORMAL = "normal" UPDATING = "updating"
[docs]class StorageVolumeState(Type): """ Standard states of a StorageVolume """ AVAILABLE = "available" ERROR = "error" INUSE = "inuse" CREATING = "creating" DELETING = "deleting" DELETED = "deleted" BACKUP = "backup" ATTACHING = "attaching" UNKNOWN = "unknown" MIGRATING = "migrating" UPDATING = "updating"
class VolumeSnapshotState(Type): """ Standard states of VolumeSnapshots """ AVAILABLE = "available" ERROR = "error" CREATING = "creating" DELETING = "deleting" RESTORING = "restoring" UNKNOWN = "unknown" UPDATING = "updating" class NodeImageMemberState(Type): """ Standard states of VolumeSnapshots """ ACCEPTED = "accepted" PENDING = "pending" REJECTED = "rejected" class Architecture: """ Image and size architectures. :cvar I386: i386 (32 bt) :cvar X86_64: x86_64 (64 bit) """ I386 = 0 X86_X64 = 1
[docs]class DeploymentError(LibcloudError): """ Exception used when a Deployment Task failed. :ivar node: :class:`Node` on which this exception happened, you might want to call :func:`Node.destroy` """ def __init__(self, node, original_exception=None, driver=None): self.node = node self.value = original_exception self.original_error = original_exception self.driver = driver def __str__(self): return self.__repr__() def __repr__(self): return "<DeploymentError: node={}, error={}, driver={}>".format(, str(self.value), str(self.driver), )
class KeyPairError(LibcloudError): error_type = "KeyPairError" def __init__(self, name, driver): = name self.value = "Key pair with name %s does not exist" % (name) super().__init__(value=self.value, driver=driver) def __str__(self): return self.__repr__() def __repr__(self): return "<{} name={}, value={}, driver={}>".format( self.error_type,, self.value,, )
[docs]class KeyPairDoesNotExistError(KeyPairError): error_type = "KeyPairDoesNotExistError"
"""Deprecated alias of :class:`DeploymentException`""" DeploymentException = DeploymentError