UpCloud Driver Documentation

UpCloud is a Finnish IaaS provider offering high performance servers from data centers based in multiple countries.


UpCloud currently operates globally from eight (8) data centers:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Chicago, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Helsinki 1, Finland
  • Helsinki 2, Finland
  • London, UK
  • San Jose, USA
  • Singapore, Singapore

Instantiating a driver

When you instantiate a driver you need to pass the following arguments to the driver constructor:

  • username - Your API access enabled users username
  • password - Your API access enabled users password

Enabling API access

To allow API access to your UpCloud account, you first need to enable the API permissions by visiting People in your UpCloud Control Panel. We recommend you to set up a sub-account specifically for the API usage with its own username and password, as it allows you to assign specific permissions for increased security.

Click Add user and fill in the required details, and check the “Allow API connections” checkbox to enable API for the user. You can also limit the API connections to a specific IP address or address range for additional security. Once you are done entering the user information, hit the Save button at the bottom of the page to create the new username.