Source code for libcloud.common.worldwidedns

# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
# contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
# this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
# The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
# the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import re

from libcloud.common.base import ConnectionUserAndKey
from libcloud.common.base import Response
from libcloud.common.types import ProviderError

OK_CODES = ['200', '211', '212', '213']
ERROR_CODES = ['401', '403', '405', '406', '407', '408', '409', '410', '411',
               '412', '413', '414', '450', '451']

[docs]class WorldWideDNSException(ProviderError): def __init__(self, value, http_code, code, driver=None): self.code = code super(WorldWideDNSException, self).__init__(value, http_code, driver)
[docs]class SuspendedAccount(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Login ID you supplied is SUSPENDED, you need to renew" + \ " your account" super(SuspendedAccount, self).__init__(value, http_code, 401, driver)
[docs]class LoginOrPasswordNotMatch(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Login ID and/or Password you supplied is not on file or" + \ " does not match" super(LoginOrPasswordNotMatch, self).__init__(value, http_code, 403, driver)
[docs]class NonExistentDomain(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Domain name supplied is not in your account" super(NonExistentDomain, self).__init__(value, http_code, 405, driver)
[docs]class CouldntRemoveDomain(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Error occured removing domain from name server, try again" super(CouldntRemoveDomain, self).__init__(value, http_code, 406, driver)
[docs]class LimitExceeded(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Your limit was exceeded, you need to upgrade your account" super(LimitExceeded, self).__init__(value, http_code, 407, driver)
[docs]class ExistentDomain(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Domain already exists on our servers" super(ExistentDomain, self).__init__(value, http_code, 408, driver)
[docs]class DomainBanned(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Domain is listed in DNSBL and is banned from our servers" super(DomainBanned, self).__init__(value, http_code, 409, driver)
[docs]class InvalidDomainName(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Invalid domain name" super(InvalidDomainName, self).__init__(value, http_code, 410, driver)
[docs]class ErrorOnReloadInNameServer(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, server, http_code, driver=None): if server == 1: value = "Name server #1 kicked an error on reload, contact support" code = 411 elif server == 2: value = "Name server #2 kicked an error on reload, contact support" code = 412 elif server == 3: value = "Name server #3 kicked an error on reload, contact support" code = 413 super(ErrorOnReloadInNameServer, self).__init__(value, http_code, code, driver)
[docs]class NewUserNotValid(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "New userid is not valid" super(NewUserNotValid, self).__init__(value, http_code, 414, driver)
[docs]class CouldntReachNameServer(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "Couldn't reach the name server, try again later" super(CouldntReachNameServer, self).__init__(value, http_code, 450, driver)
[docs]class NoZoneFile(WorldWideDNSException): def __init__(self, http_code, driver=None): value = "No zone file in the name server queried" super(NoZoneFile, self).__init__(value, http_code, 451, driver)
ERROR_CODE_TO_EXCEPTION_CLS = { '401': SuspendedAccount, '403': LoginOrPasswordNotMatch, '405': NonExistentDomain, '406': CouldntRemoveDomain, '407': LimitExceeded, '408': ExistentDomain, '409': DomainBanned, '410': InvalidDomainName, '411': ErrorOnReloadInNameServer, '412': ErrorOnReloadInNameServer, '413': ErrorOnReloadInNameServer, '414': NewUserNotValid, '450': CouldntReachNameServer, '451': NoZoneFile, }
[docs]class WorldWideDNSResponse(Response):
[docs] def parse_body(self): """ Parse response body. :return: Parsed body. :rtype: ``str`` """ if self._code_response(self.body): codes = re.split('\r?\n', self.body) for code in codes: if code in OK_CODES: continue elif code in ERROR_CODES: exception = ERROR_CODE_TO_EXCEPTION_CLS.get(code) if code in ['411', '412', '413']: server = int(code[2]) raise exception(server, self.status) raise exception(self.status) return self.body
def _code_response(self, body): """ Checks if the response body contains code status. :rtype: ``bool`` """ available_response_codes = OK_CODES + ERROR_CODES codes = re.split('\r?\n', body) if codes[0] in available_response_codes: return True return False
[docs]class WorldWideDNSConnection(ConnectionUserAndKey): host = '' responseCls = WorldWideDNSResponse
[docs] def add_default_params(self, params): """ Add parameters that are necessary for every request This method adds ``NAME`` and ``PASSWORD`` to the request. """ params["NAME"] = self.user_id params["PASSWORD"] = self.key reseller_id = getattr(self, 'reseller_id', None) if reseller_id: params["ID"] = reseller_id return params