Scaleway Storage Driver Documentation

Scaleway Object Storage is an Object Storage service based on the S3 protocol.


Libcloud Scaleway Object Storage driver utilizes BaseS3StorageDriver class which utilizes S3 API.


1. Upload a file to Scaleway’s Object Storage

This example shows how to upload a local file to Scaleway’s Object Storage.

Requirements: You have an account, credentials and have created an Object Storage Bucket (

from import Provider
from import get_driver

FILE_PATH = "/home/user/myfile.tar.gz"

cls = get_driver(Provider.SCALEWAY)

driver = cls("api key", "api secret key", region="fr-par")

container = driver.get_container(container_name="<your-bucket-name>")

extra = {
    "meta_data": {"owner": "myuser", "created": "2001-05-25"},
    "acl": "public-read",

with open(FILE_PATH, "rb") as iterator:
    obj = driver.upload_object_via_stream(
        iterator=iterator, container=container, object_name="backup.tar.gz", extra=extra