libcloud.dns.drivers.vultr module

Vultr DNS Driver

class libcloud.dns.drivers.vultr.VultrDNSConnection(key, secure=True, host=None, port=None, url=None, timeout=None, proxy_url=None, backoff=None, retry_delay=None)[source]

Bases: VultrConnection

Initialize user_id and key; set secure to an int based on passed value.


alias of VultrDNSResponse

class libcloud.dns.drivers.vultr.VultrDNSDriver(key, secret=None, secure=True, host=None, port=None, api_version='2', region=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: DNSDriver

  • key (str) – API key or username to used (required)

  • secret (str) – Secret password to be used (required)

  • secure (bool) – Whether to use HTTPS or HTTP. Note: Some providers only support HTTPS, and it is on by default.

  • host (str) – Override hostname used for connections.

  • port (int) – Override port used for connections.



name: str = 'Vultr DNS'
type = 'vultr'
website: str = ''
class libcloud.dns.drivers.vultr.VultrDNSResponse(response, connection)[source]

Bases: VultrResponse

  • response (httplib.HTTPResponse) – HTTP response object. (optional)

  • connection (Connection) – Parent connection object.

exception libcloud.dns.drivers.vultr.ZoneRequiredException[source]

Bases: Exception