libcloud.container.types module

class libcloud.container.types.ContainerState[source]

Bases: Type

Standard states for a container

  • RUNNING – Container is running.

  • REBOOTING – Container is rebooting.

  • TERMINATED – Container is terminated. This container can’t be started later on.

  • STOPPED – Container is stopped. This container can be started later on.

  • PENDING – Container is pending.

  • SUSPENDED – Container is suspended.

  • ERROR – Container is an error state. Usually no operations can be performed on the container once it ends up in the error state.

  • PAUSED – Container is paused.

  • UNKNOWN – Container state is unknown.

ERROR = 'error'
PAUSED = 'paused'
PENDING = 'pending'
REBOOTING = 'rebooting'
RUNNING = 'running'
STOPPED = 'stopped'
SUSPENDED = 'suspended'
TERMINATED = 'terminated'
UNKNOWN = 'unknown'
class libcloud.container.types.Provider[source]

Bases: object

Defines for each of the supported providers

Non-Dummy drivers are sorted in alphabetical order. Please preserve this ordering when adding new drivers.

DOCKER = 'docker'
DUMMY = 'dummy'
ECS = 'ecs'
KUBERNETES = 'kubernetes'
LXD = 'lxd'
RANCHER = 'rancher'