libcloud.compute.drivers.ktucloud module

class libcloud.compute.drivers.ktucloud.KTUCloudNodeDriver(key, secret=None, secure=True, host=None, path=None, port=None, url=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: CloudStackNodeDriver

Driver for KTUCloud Compute platform.



  • host (str) – The host where the API can be reached. (required)

  • path (str) – The path where the API can be reached. (required)

  • url (str) – Full URL to the API endpoint. Mutually exclusive with host and path argument.

create_node(name, size, image, location=None, ex_usageplantype='hourly')[source]

Create a new node

@inherits: NodeDriver.create_node

  • networks (list of CloudStackNetwork) – Optional list of networks to launch the server into.

  • project (CloudStackProject) – Optional project to create the new node under.

  • diskoffering (CloudStackDiskOffering) – Optional disk offering to add to the new node.

  • ex_keyname (str) – Name of existing keypair

  • ex_userdata (str) – String containing user data

  • ex_security_groups (list of str) – List of security groups to assign to the node

  • ex_displayname (str) – String containing instance display name

  • ex_ip_address (str) – String with ipaddress for the default nic

  • ex_start_vm (bool) – Boolean to specify to start VM after creation Default Cloudstack behaviour is to start a VM, if not specified.

  • ex_rootdisksize (str) – String with rootdisksize for the template

  • ex_affinity_groups (list of CloudStackAffinityGroup) – List of affinity groups to assign to the node

Return type:



List images on a provider.


location (NodeLocation) – The location at which to list images.


list of node image objects.

Return type:

list of NodeImage


:rtype list of NodeSize

name: str = 'KTUCloud'
type: Provider | str = 'ktucloud'
website: str = ''