libcloud.compute.drivers.internetsolutions module

Internet Solutions Driver

class libcloud.compute.drivers.internetsolutions.InternetSolutionsNodeDriver(key, secret=None, secure=True, host=None, port=None, api_version=None, region='is-af', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: DimensionDataNodeDriver

InternetSolutions node driver, based on Dimension Data driver

  • key (str) – API key or username to be used (required)

  • secret (str) – Secret password to be used (required)

  • secure (bool) – Whether to use HTTPS or HTTP. Note: Some providers only support HTTPS, and it is on by default.

  • host (str) – Override hostname used for connections.

  • port (int) – Override port used for connections.

  • api_version (str) – Optional API version. Only used by drivers which support multiple API versions.

  • region (str) – Optional driver region. Only used by drivers which support multiple regions.

Return type:


api_version = 1.0

alias of DimensionDataConnection

features: Dict[str, List[str]] = {'create_node': ['password']}
List of available features for a driver.
name: str = 'InternetSolutions'
selected_region = None
type: Provider | str = 'internetsolutions'
website: str = ''