libcloud.compute.drivers.auroracompute module

class libcloud.compute.drivers.auroracompute.AuroraComputeNodeDriver(key, secret, path=None, host=None, url=None, region=None)[source]

Bases: CloudStackNodeDriver



  • host (str) – The host where the API can be reached. (required)

  • path (str) – The path where the API can be reached. (required)

  • url (str) – Full URL to the API endpoint. Mutually exclusive with host and path argument.

name: str = 'PCextreme AuroraCompute'
type: Provider | str = 'aurora_compute'
website: str = ''
class libcloud.compute.drivers.auroracompute.AuroraComputeRegion[source]

Bases: object

AMS = 'Amsterdam'
BCN = 'Barcelona'
LAX = 'Los Angeles'
MIA = 'Miami'
RTD = 'Rotterdam'
TYO = 'Tokyo'